Flames of War Soviet HMG Company

Soviet HMG Company

Now that I have the basics done for most of my armies I'm working on adding some odds and ends, or cleaning out the painting queue. Basically anything that catches my eye. I've wanted to add some Heavy Machine-Guns to my Soviets to attach to my Strelkovy companies for while. I just finished up up …

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New T-34s added to my Soviet Army

Well, its taken me forever to finish these, but they are finally done. I've added 10 T-34s with 76 and 85 turret options to my Soviet Army. I'm not sure what it is about Soviet units but painting them always seems to drag on forever. I was just pushing just to get them done so …

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Flames of War Soviet Army

After building out my German and U.S. armies a bit, the third army I started was the Soviets. After seeing how much both in dollars and models was required to field a Soviet company I was determined to find the least cost option in putting a company on the table. As a result the companies …

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