Flames of War Hungarian Zyrini II

Zyrini IIs Completed

Finally finished up the last missing pieces from my initial Hungarian Army. I originally ordered these 3 Zyrini II from Battlefront during the 2015 Tanksgiving sale. It took Battlefront about 9 months to actually ship them since they didn't have them in stock but took my order anyway. Needless to say I will not be …

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Plastic flames of war grenadier miniature looks like on of the keystone-cops

Finished off the 2 Sd Kfz 7s

They're finally finished and off my workbench. I got the 2 Sd Kfz 7 half-tracks done along with the Kfz 15 field car. Now I have something to pull my 88's around the table with: The Kfz 7s are resin miniatures, but I added a plastic passenger that I'm not planning on using from the …

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US Airborne Field Artillery

Over the summer between work, vacation, and various family matters I did very little painting. Now that fall has arrived and I have time to work on my miniatures again I decided that before I allowed myself to buy anything new I needed to complete the three unfinished projects sitting on my work bench. At …

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