Flames of War German Panzerpionier Platoons

Die Panzerpioniertruppen ist Fertig! (The Panzerpionier Platoons are finished!)

I've had a platoon of Panzerpioniers (GE726) sitting on my shelf waiting to be painted for almost a year. When I first got them I realized there weren't enough miniatures in the set to make a platoon with every possible option. So I decided to wait to paint them until I got a second platoon. …

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Ruined Soviet Factory Terrain on the Eastern Front f

Ruined Eastern Front Factory

On a different front, I just completed my Ruined Soviet Factory terrain piece. I love building my own terrain from scratch. Plus, I'd rather use my hobby budget for miniatures. I built the factory using some left over paneling as a base with foam poster board walls. I created the brick skin, printed it out, …

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New Sd Kfz 231 8-rads ready for the table.

No Love in North Africa

So I finally given up on creating a DAK company for the time being. I bought enough to get started. Struggled for weeks trying to get the color for the vehicles just the way I wanted it. Mixing various amounts of German Camo Beige, Iraqi Sand, Desert Yellow, and Dark Sand and test painting over …

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Flames of War Soviet HMG Company

Soviet HMG Company

Now that I have the basics done for most of my armies I'm working on adding some odds and ends, or cleaning out the painting queue. Basically anything that catches my eye. I've wanted to add some Heavy Machine-Guns to my Soviets to attach to my Strelkovy companies for while. I just finished up up …

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