General von Saucken Flames of War painted miniatures

General der Panzertruppen Dietrich von Saucken

General Dietrich von Saucken fought throughout most of WWII, taking part in the Battle of France, the Balkan Campaign, and Operation Barbarossa as the commander of a motorized brigade of the 4th Panzerdivision. He was appointed divisional commander during the Battle of Moscow. He was wounded and spent several months in the hospital. He returned …

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Flames of War German Heavy Artillery Battery by WWhimpenny

Time to Call In the Big Guns

    The 15 cm schwere Feldhaubitze 18 or sFH 18 was the German's standard Heavy Gun during World War II. For most of the war each Division had an integrated Artillery Regiment, field howitzers for Infantry/Grenadier Divisions. The Artillery Regiment of the Infantry Divisions was made up of four battalions, each battalion was four, four …

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New Flames of War German Panther Platoon (with Jagdpanther option)

Painted Panthers Ready for Battle

I just finished a Panther Platoon that I had picked up probably sometime last year. They are the new plastic ones which turn out to be much larger than the old resin models. I have the Panther from the Panzer Kanonen box and they are definitely taller and a little longer as well. I also …

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Flames of War German Panzerpionier Platoons

Die Panzerpioniertruppen ist Fertig! (The Panzerpionier Platoons are finished!)

I've had a platoon of Panzerpioniers (GE726) sitting on my shelf waiting to be painted for almost a year. When I first got them I realized there weren't enough miniatures in the set to make a platoon with every possible option. So I decided to wait to paint them until I got a second platoon. …

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New Sd Kfz 231 8-rads ready for the table.

No Love in North Africa

So I finally given up on creating a DAK company for the time being. I bought enough to get started. Struggled for weeks trying to get the color for the vehicles just the way I wanted it. Mixing various amounts of German Camo Beige, Iraqi Sand, Desert Yellow, and Dark Sand and test painting over …

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New IV H Panzer Platoon

I finally built and painted up the Flames of War Panzer IV H platoon I've had sitting on my shelf for 2 years and added it to my German Army. I've been putting it off for two reasons. First I hate assembling battlefront Panzer IVs. The plastic shurtzen sprue is so brittle that no matter …

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Plastic flames of war grenadier miniature looks like on of the keystone-cops

Finished off the 2 Sd Kfz 7s

They're finally finished and off my workbench. I got the 2 Sd Kfz 7 half-tracks done along with the Kfz 15 field car. Now I have something to pull my 88's around the table with: The Kfz 7s are resin miniatures, but I added a plastic passenger that I'm not planning on using from the …

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