Completed Flames of War 15mm Orchard terrain with a platoon of US M3A1 Stuarts moving through it.

Orchard Terrain feature (mini-tutorial) and updated M3 Stuarts

After Christmas I had to make a trip to Michael's, the craft store. They had much of their Christmas inventory on sale. I found these cheap little trees for 70%, or about $1.20 a set, so I bought 5 sets to make an orchard terrain feature. The tree boles were pretty cheap plastic so I …

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Ruined Soviet Factory Terrain on the Eastern Front f

Ruined Eastern Front Factory

On a different front, I just completed my Ruined Soviet Factory terrain piece. I love building my own terrain from scratch. Plus, I'd rather use my hobby budget for miniatures. I built the factory using some left over paneling as a base with foam poster board walls. I created the brick skin, printed it out, …

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