Die Panzerpioniertruppen ist Fertig! (The Panzerpionier Platoons are finished!)

Flames of War German Panzerpionier PlatoonsI’ve had a platoon of Panzerpioniers (GE726) sitting on my shelf waiting to be painted for almost a year. When I first got them I realized there weren’t enough miniatures in the set to make a platoon with every possible option. So I decided to wait to paint them until I got a second platoon. So in my quest to decrease my painting queue and add some odds and ends to my forces before the end of the year, i picked up a second platoon of Panzerpioniers. With the addition of some left over Panzergrenadiers and a different basing plan, I managed to field two 6-stand Panzerpionier Platoons, two in each platoon with flamethrowers) and each with a separately based Goliath to add to my German Army.

Flames of War German Panzerpionier Platoon 1 Flames of War German Panzerpionier Platoon 2

I was not really happy with the packages from battlefront. They actually contained a mix of Panzerpioniers and regular Pioneers from a Grenadier unit (no camo smocks, jack boots, and uncovered helmets). Since each of the packages came with 4 small and 6 medium bases I was a little confused at first on how the unit should be based. They’re finished now and ready for the table. I may need to but some additional transport. I’ll probably start with 4 Sd Kfz251/5s so I can field a platoon as support for my Panzergrenadiers as Gepanzerte Panzerpioniers.


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