Ruined Eastern Front Factory

On a different front, I just completed my Ruined Soviet Factory terrain piece. I love building my own terrain from scratch. Plus, I’d rather use my hobby budget for miniatures.

I built the factory using some left over paneling as a base with foam poster board walls. I created the brick skin, printed it out, and pasted it on inside and out. Added some (alot) of smoke damage and some rubble. I also added the tank on the outside which didn’t turn out quite as well as I’d hoped, but it adds a little variety at least. Overall not bad for the first major terrain piece I’ve constructed this way. I learned a lot which will serve me well on the next one. Here are a couple pictures of it:

Ruined Soviet Factory Terrain on the Eastern Front fRuined Soviet Factory Terrain on the Eastern Front f

The flash made it look like their are some unpainted areas in the pictures, which there aren’t. I guess I need to work on my photography skills as well. I made a pair of matching rubble area terrain features to use with it. Can’t wait to get my Soviets on the board now! My new MG Company will have fun defending this against the Nazi invaders!


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