No Love in North Africa

So I finally given up on creating a DAK company for the time being. I bought enough to get started. Struggled for weeks trying to get the color for the vehicles just the way I wanted it. Mixing various amounts of German Camo Beige, Iraqi Sand, Desert Yellow, and Dark Sand and test painting over and over again, giving up, then trying again, only to realize that I also purchased the wrong version of the Panzer III M (arrrgh!).  So thats it, I’m done… for now. Rommel will have to wait. I’m going to paint up the Panzer III Ms a Fallschirmpanzerdivision ‘Hermann Goring’. I gave the 8-rads the standard late-war yellow and will add them to my current German late-war army as a second Heavy Panzerspah Patrol. The motorcycles, infantry, and Panzer IV Fs will have to wait until my return to the desert.

New Sd Kfz 231 8-rads ready for the table:New Sd Kfz 231 8-rads ready for the table.


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